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TB PCR – Sputum


TB PCR – Sputum

Sample : Sputum after deep cough

Method : Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (Real Time PCR)

Report : Next day

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TB PCR – Sputum

TB PCR -Sputum detects Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in sputum . Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is a bacteria which gets transferred from one to another person through inhalation in cases of open TB. Tb can infect any organ in the body but the most common organ is Lung.

Covid 19  has significantly reversed the gains made in tuberculosis (TB) control and has led to 24-25% rise in cases in India, specially in young adults, says WHO expert

(TB) remains a major public health problem worldwide. India carries 25% of the world’s load of TB cases with 35 crore TB patients in India. Every year 26 lacs new patients develop TB . Complete cure has a  requirement for early diagnostics . TB PCR is the most confirmatory and reliable test for the diagnosis of Tuberculosis

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